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This explains as well as anything I have seen what is really going on. Yes – it is 1.5 hours, but if you are the least bit interested in finding out why we are here and what is going on, invest the time


As I look around at my friends, family, coworkers, myself and the world at large, I feel a strong shift.  A shift away from problems, greed, hatred and competition.  A shift towards love, acceptance, abundance and enlightenment.  Do you feel it?

I feel like something significant is occurring right now and we are literally moving into a whole new world.  I am ready to find out what is in store for us.  I am seeing a “best of times, worst of times” scenario for so many I know.  There is a whole new way of living coming just around the corner.  Something so significant that we will reach a tipping point of collective consciousness.  Many of us will remember who we really are and what we are really here to do.brain-manmoon