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Do you believe this? Could this possibly be true? What if it were? I happen to believe that it is true and remind myself of this often. You see, the challenges that we are experiencing – the seemingly bad stuff that happens to us….. this stuff happens on purpose, for your best interest, and with your agreement. Yes – I believe that our higher self agrees to be born and agrees to be born to whom and where and under what conditions. Why? To experience contrast. Through experiencing both the good and the bad, we have a better understanding, appreciation, and perspective. In order to truly experience love, or patience, or joy or appreciation we must know what the opposite of feelings are as well. We are sharpening our skills and rounding out our perspective. These challenges are to be experienced and appreciated. We need to allow things to occur in our lives. Not resist. What resists persists. And you know that. This is what is meant by “Let Go and Let God”.

So my challenge for you is to sit with this thought (even if you don’t think its true) and ask yourself a couple of questions:

1) Does this challenge define you? How so?
2) If this challenge were specifically arranged for my direct benefit, why would that be true? What would I want to learn?

I often ask for patience, and what I have found is that God (Universe) doesn’t give me patience, but He does put me in awful traffic a lot. A lot. I struggle with it, but I remind myself that the best way for me to learn patience is to be content sitting in traffic and happy that I have heat, and food and love in my life. I try to be thankful for the opportunity to even be sitting in traffic (after all, it usually is for the purpose of earning money). Not easy, but it feels a lot better being at peace than it does hitting my steering wheel and shouting out loud.