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There’s an autumnal edge to the air, and outside the leaves are speckled brown in places. The apples are reddening on the trees, and children’s school shoes are flying out of the shops. I’m about to plan the meditation themes for a new term in the Studio. So, all in all, I have that ‘going back to school’ feeling. The weather is cooling off and it’s time to learn again (as if we ever stop).

Instead of working, I keep thinking about a ‘nearly’ conversation I had with Anita Moorjani at the Hay House ‘I can do it!’ London conference last autumn. It keeps playing on my mind. I haven’t thought about it for months. So there must be a reason why it’s coming up now.

I heard Anita speak about her near death experience at the conference. I had previously read her book, Dying to be Me, and…

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What if the peace, happiness, freedom, joy and abundance you are looking for was at your fingertips? Right now.

By eliminating doubt, worry and fear, allowing Source/God to co-create within you, and embracing yourself as being Authentically Divine, you become the best version of yourself and find the peace, happiness, freedom, and abundance you were looking for.

Listen to what Panache Desai says about changing (your) world:

The key to changing the world, to changing your life, and to empowering those around you is authenticity – the willingness to be yourself – the willingness to be vulnerable – the willingness to feel – the willingness to live. I’m simply reminding you of who you truly are, supporting you into self-love and acceptance by eradicating the judgement that you’ve imposed on yourself and society has opposed on you. — Panache Desai


Do you feel free? Seriously, if you are reading this you are likely in a “free country” — but do you feel free?

Here is one definition Webster uses to define freedom: the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action

Constraint. I think constraint is directly correlated to not having a feeling of freedom. A feeling of peace. A feeling of non obligation. When I am constrained, I am limited. When I am limited, I am less than. When I am less than, I am worried and anxious. When I am worried and anxious I am miserable. When I am miserable, I am no help to anyone. When I am no help to anyone, I am a loser. When I’m a loser….

Thank God I rarely feel constrained anymore. I don’t like where this process leads. It doesn’t feel good. It is a slippery slope to despair, unhappiness, anxiousness, and self doubt. When I am sitting in these feelings, I most certainly am not free.

When I find myself feeling this way, the 1st thing I do is try to bring awareness to what is going on and why I am actually feeling that way. By having some awareness, you have a chance of making a different decision or grabbing a thought that feels better. Without awareness, you are doomed to stay in that feeling and vibration and never really get rid of it or allow it to wash over you.

Then I remind myself that true freedom comes from trusting. I think we collectively have often learned that the world isn’t a safe place and we need to protect ourselves. When we are in protection mode, we put on our suit of armor or put up our protective wall or barrier. From inside our constructed “bunker”, we feel fear, worry and doubt. When you are defensive, you cannot trust. When you cannot trust, you cannot be free.

For me, the issue is usually around “what gives me the right to be successful?” and “I sure hope they like me”. I want to be successful and I want people to like me. Of course, the cousin’s of these phrases would be “I am afraid I will fail” and “I worry they will judge me”.

I can sit in these feelings and feel terrible and be justified in doing so. And be a prisoner of my feelings. Or I can release my need to be liked. I can remember that it is impossible to fail unless you give up. I can focus on being who I really am and release my fear and doubt and release my need for approval. This is not easy, but it feels so much better. It is not easy to trust, but it is crucial if you want to feel good. Do you feel good? Are you happy? Are you at peace? I hope so.

If this resonates with you, I would suggest you do the following:

1) Really try to pinpoint how you are feeling and why you are feeling that way.
2) Ask yourself if you are justified and allowed to feel the way you are feeling.
3) Ask yourself if there is another way you can choose to feel instead.
4) Choose the better feeling and get one step closer to freedom

One of my favorite Authors, Dr Wayne Dyer says it best: “You can choose to be right (justified in how you feel) or you can choose to be happy. Try to choose happy and see how that works for you.

To trust is to be free

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Wow. Great message here. Hit me square in the heart — “To Trust is To Be Free”

Jesus through John

An intense and creative shift in humanity’s perception of itself is happening all across the world in preparation for your move into full consciousness, full awareness of who you are and of your eternal inseparability from God – Who created you to enjoy infinite and everlasting peace, joy, and happiness.  Peace, joy, and happiness are states of mind.  Modern psychology has informed you of that, and it has been well demonstrated, especially by those who have moved from depression and anxiety into peace and contentment by changing their minds and their perceptions.

Everyone has the ability to change their perceptions, but until quite recently it was thought that an individual’s perception – his view of life and the opportunities it offered him – was basically fixed: a state of existence into which he was born and with which he had to deal to the best of his abilities.  Now it…

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Our Purpose is to Heal…

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This is a beautiful message.

This explains as well as anything I have seen what is really going on. Yes – it is 1.5 hours, but if you are the least bit interested in finding out why we are here and what is going on, invest the time

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Source of Inspiration

helping hand

I believe there is an unstoppable
wave across the world, millions
are awakening to who we really
are. Reach out and help the next
one, spread this love to all.

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imagesWho do I want you to think I am? Have you ever asked yourself this question prior to meeting a new person for the first time? Have you ever found yourself trying to manage or control the way others view you? Do you find yourself worrying about what other people think of you?

I have had these feelings often for the majority of my life. Growing up, I found myself navigating through life by adapting to my surroundings and the situations I found myself in. I did this by conforming or morphing as needed to best accommodate each individual’s personality and each situation’s circumstances. I didn’t want any trouble and I had a burning desire to have everyone like me. Turns out, I got quite good at accommodating people. This makes me good at my job and it helped me gain a bunch of friends. The issue I found was that while I had all these friends, very few knew who I really was. This was by design – my unconscious design. They knew who I wanted them to know. They knew what I projected to them. They didn’t know me. How could they, I didn’t know me.

That left a lot of my friendships feeling hollow and I started thinking about what was really going on. What I have found is that what I was using for self defense worked very well for me for a while, but it wasn’t very authentic. And it didn’t feel good. I would like to believe (and for the most part it is true) that I have left this bad habit behind me. I want to be authentically myself. The image I projected to others wasn’t honest, it was very limiting, and it wasn’t fair to them or to me. I don’t want to be limited in any way. I don’t want to be dishonest in any way. I want to be free. Free to be the unique manifestation that I am. I think Dr Suess summed it up well when he said “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”.

Who do I want you to think I am?

I had coffee a couple weeks ago with a gentleman that I was introduced to by a member of my networking group. We had a really interesting conversation. I am finding that the universe is putting me in very interesting and authentic situations. So – this guy sits down and he doesn’t really look like he wants to be with me. I sense this and ask him if everything is okay. He looks at me and says “actually, my morning has been horrific and the last thing I want to be doing is meeting with a life insurance guy at 10am – no offense”. Oh – I said – none taken – I don’t like life insurance guys either. He laughs and then apologizes. He continues “I was on my way here and I nearly turned around and went back to the office – I am extremely busy. But then I remembered that my wife introduced you to me so I decided to suck it up. So then I asked myself who do I want Rod to think I am?” I started laughing and thanked him for his honesty. He continued ” I decided to just be honest with you about how I felt – it is too hard to keep up appearances and I am too damn old keep trying (he was only 51)”

If you are thinking that this coffee exchange is going poorly, it’s not. Because he and I started out with such an honest exchange, we were really able to bond quickly and have a wonderful conversation. We spent the next 2 hours talking about what it means to be authentic, how to serve others, what love really is and much more. Chris Rock has one of the best lines about dating — he says that when a man dates a woman, he is not really dating that woman — he is dating that woman’s representative. Don’t let your representative define you. Find your authentic self and let it shine.

If this resonates with you, the first thing I would suggest you do is sit quietly and ask yourself “who am I?”. You will likely get several answers (mother, sister, professional, ect). Then ask yourself “who am I really?”. Then ask yourself “is who I am really being projected to the outside world?”

Do you believe this? Could this possibly be true? What if it were? I happen to believe that it is true and remind myself of this often. You see, the challenges that we are experiencing – the seemingly bad stuff that happens to us….. this stuff happens on purpose, for your best interest, and with your agreement. Yes – I believe that our higher self agrees to be born and agrees to be born to whom and where and under what conditions. Why? To experience contrast. Through experiencing both the good and the bad, we have a better understanding, appreciation, and perspective. In order to truly experience love, or patience, or joy or appreciation we must know what the opposite of feelings are as well. We are sharpening our skills and rounding out our perspective. These challenges are to be experienced and appreciated. We need to allow things to occur in our lives. Not resist. What resists persists. And you know that. This is what is meant by “Let Go and Let God”.

So my challenge for you is to sit with this thought (even if you don’t think its true) and ask yourself a couple of questions:

1) Does this challenge define you? How so?
2) If this challenge were specifically arranged for my direct benefit, why would that be true? What would I want to learn?

I often ask for patience, and what I have found is that God (Universe) doesn’t give me patience, but He does put me in awful traffic a lot. A lot. I struggle with it, but I remind myself that the best way for me to learn patience is to be content sitting in traffic and happy that I have heat, and food and love in my life. I try to be thankful for the opportunity to even be sitting in traffic (after all, it usually is for the purpose of earning money). Not easy, but it feels a lot better being at peace than it does hitting my steering wheel and shouting out loud.

Millionaires of Life

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What does wealth mean to you? Here are some great thoughts around that idea!

Life Has A Crush On You


We so often pray for wealth, but what is it really that we are asking for. Security? Love? Significance? Ease? Exactly what is it that wealth represents to you?

What if instead of wealth we asked to be massively contributive to the lives of others? What is instead of asking for dollars, we asked for skills, love, compassion and understanding to be used in the service of others? What if wealth was measured by the value we add to other’s lives? What if this was our focus- to add wealth in the forms of security, love, significance, adventure, ease and peace to all those we meet everyday? Would we not be millionaires of the Life?

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